Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Writing workshop...

Because I went to one.

And it was awesome! That is really all I can say. Awesome! Oh... and Awkward... Let me tell you about it!

So. I arrived at the place where the workshop would take place and it was a small room for kids with serious - some times deadly - diseases to hang out and be themselves. At this place a few tables were sat up and we could sit roughly 3-4 around around each table. So being who I am I just sat down at the first one available. Two other girls sat down at the table with me, and usually I am pretty outgoing... but only around people who are also capable of... speaking... those two were just quite. And then I became quite. Which resulted in long awkward silences. But I don't blame them. I was that shy kid once. Now I'm awesome.

Okay, enough of that! The actual workshop, right. The author who was going to speak to us was Merlin P. Mann, who has written the "Taynikma" series - he has also written a lot of books for disney. He was there to talk to us about himself and how to write a great story. It was so interesting to hear his thoughts on subjects I have heard so many other authors touch upon, and I loved what he had to say. AND I loved his personality! The first thing he said when he came in was: "Can I take a selfie with you guys?" and he said it to me and those two other girls at my table! I'm the only one you can really see, so I'm just saying it's my personal picture with him.... kinda sad that my waterbottle is more in the frame than me, but Merlin did blame it on his short arms. 

It was such a great experience and I defiently learned a lot that I will take with me as I make my way into the business.

Keep Calm and Write On.

- Nanna.

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