Saturday, March 1, 2014

Just keep writing, just keep writing...

It needs to be done, so just do it.

So... as I told you all last time I had rewritten the prologue and chapter 1 of my novel into 3rd person. Now I have written chapter 2 and am in the middle of chapter 3. I have to say; words are really coming onto the page. So far I have around 11k words done already. And I'm only three chapters in!

The only thing I fear is that I will make a "NaNoWriMo"... Oh, you want me to explain? Well, okay then!

A "NaNoWriMo" is an act of writing, where you put in too much unnecessary information in order to get as many words done as possible. Later, once you have started editing, all those wonderful words will shrink into maybe only a third of that original number. This is what happened to my story, when it was stil in 1st person. And I have to say that it was devastating. To see all those words disappear... it broke my heart a little. 

But of course I know that it is a necessary process. No first draft of anything will be perfect. What I am currently writing is technically the 3rd draft, but since I am writing it in a different POV I might as well treat it as just another 1st draft.

I thought I would start doing something new here on the blog... share with you, my favorite writing music at the moment. Just so you can see what gets me in the mood to write.

This week I have been listening none-stop to one artist: 

Jason Mraz

The funny thing is that the story I am writing is on the darker side, and his music is really happy... maybe the contrast makes it easier to write to? I don't know. His voice and songs are just so... perfect. Not for my novel, but it fits so well with my personality. That might be the reason...

Keep Calm and Write On.

- Nanna.

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